Contact details:

epm Handels AG

Bahnhofstrasse 66
CH-5605 Dottikon

phone: +41 44 749 31 31
mail:     epm@epm.ch 

Mission Statement 


  1. We are a leading supplier for the electronic manufacturing industry. We manage the production, distribution and servicing of machines and systems for the soldering of printed circuit boards. Our clients are market leaders in the electronics industry.

  2. Our machines and operations must meet the highest environmental standards. The latest findings in this area are routinely incorporated into the aspects of service and design.

  3. Our objective is to generate a profit from our combined business activities in order to ensure the prosperity of the company, and thus safeguard jobs.

  4. If the company is to survive, the company’s assets must be preserved. We must therefore acquire the necessary resources for:
      • the dynamic further development of our products
      • new developments and services in line with international standards
      • the implementation of marketing activities

  5. These resources, which are so vital for the future of the company, can only be obtained if we all work hard together to attract a sufficient number of clients and thus optimise the utilised capacity of the company over the long term. 

  6. These clients will only remain loyal to our company if we:
      • maintain strong partnerships based on trust
      • engage in open and personal dialogue to learn more about their needs, whilst providing services tailored to their wishes
      • react quickly and effectively to their individual needs
      • assure them of the confidential handling of their information
      • set a pricing policy in line with the market
      • make honest and transparency a top priority

  7. Our employees are the key to our success. Job satisfaction along with the personal and professional development of all our employees is of the upmost importance. We want to be an attractive employer. This entails challenging responsibilities, modern working conditions, well-equipped work stations and recognition for the achievements of our employees.

  8. On the part of our employees we expect:
      • a friendly manner with clients and work colleagues
      • a meticulous and efficient work ethic with a “can do” approach
      • a high level of expertise
      • entrepreneurial thinking

  9. We aspire to a business culture defined by a high level of job satisfaction, strong partnerships and mutual respect. Everybody contributes to a positive working environment based on openness and trust. 
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