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About EPM

EPM provides a solution-orientated service and in doing so puts the needs of the customer first. Over 40 years of experience forms the foundation for the support of customers in the adjustment of their soldering and associated production processes. Customers from other industries also benefit from the extensive experience, in particular with nitrogen plants, and the economic, efficient and customer-orientated thinking of EPM.

EPM has been engaged in the development, construction and worldwide distribution of soldering machines and their associated services since 1972. Services, such as installation, on-site maintenance and process support round off the package.

As a small market competitor, EPM made ground in particular through competent support on process problems. In line with the motto “everything from a single source”, EPM is always at hand to provide help and advice for the optimization of production processes and if required can consider various possibilities with test materials and offline tests, without affecting the running process.

Over the course of time, EPM has added more products to their portfolio and today represents the interests of multiple partner companies in Switzerland. The product mix can be employed both in harmony with the existing wave soldering machines and also completely independently of the electronics industry.

With the small team in Dottikon, EPM ensures the reliable distribution of systems and consumables. The property in Dottikon also has a large warehouse at its disposal, allowing customers to benefit from remarkable response times.

Since 2015, EPM has been domiciled in the listed building of the former shoe factory, Bally. Due to its versatility, this building opened up uncountable options for EPM and with its industrial, modern, but nevertheless traditional charm it matches EPM’s mentality perfectly.