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The easiest way to maximize the efficiency of your system

Process support

In today's development environment driven by "time to market", more and more barely solderable layouts are making their way into production. In addition, inexpensive components from all over the world are often used. The result is process problems that suffer from bridge formation, outgassing, or too little filling.

Our process support helps here! Whether you're introducing new products or optimizing existing ones – our specialists are there to help you get maximum efficiency out of your line.

We get it done for you. Together with our network of suppliers and partners, we design entire manufacturing systems and handle all the interfaces between different manufacturers.

Our services

  • We develop customized solutions
  • Development of responsibilities and specification sheets
  • Planning and design
  • Project management and scheduling control
  • Organization of installation and ramp-up

Your advantages

  • Only one contact person
  • Simple processing of warranty claims
  • Competent after-sale support
  • Everything from one provider