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This option reduces your maintenance expense and increases the production readiness of your fully nitrogen soldering system.

Standalone Fluxer

Available as standard with the CIG High-speed or as an option with the CIG Compact - with this optional addition, you have the possibility of reducing your usage data as well as your maintenance expense.

Dimensionen1435 x 750mm / 850 x 800mm
Abluft2 x 400m3/h
Abluft Anschluss2 x 125mm


  • Separate Transportation
  • Higher suction possible
  • Less contamination in the facility as well as in the air
  • Standard with CIG High-speed, if desired
  • Optionally available for CIG Compact
Manufacture of electronics, In-house production, Contract manufacturing, Automotive parts suppliers, Aircraft parts suppliers, Consumer electronics, Medical technology, Renewable energies