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Small, robust, high-performance – the solution for your laboratory operation or the smallest-scale production.

MiniWaver SIG

The MiniWaver SIG wins you over as a table-top wave soldering system with its exceptionally robust construction, outstanding soldering quality and ease of use! This solution makes it possible for universities, laboratories as well as developers to test printed circuit board designs at little cost and low consumption levels.

MiniWaver - Tischwellenlötanlage SIG
Lotfüllung38 kg
Dimensionen1000 x 520 x 300mm
Gewichtca. 67kg ohne Lotfüllung
Elektrischer Anschluss230 V / 2.2kW einphasig, CE-konform


  • Compact, simple, persuasive
  • Suitable for laboratory operations, universities, developments and small-scale production
  • Lots of customer references from the fields of education, development, the automotive supply industry and medical technology
  • Low operating costs
  • Long service life
  • Low consumption of material
  • RoHS compliant
Automotive parts suppliers, Manufacture of electronics, In-house production, Renewable energies, Aircraft parts suppliers, Contract manufacturing, Consumer electronics, Medical technology