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Automotive parts suppliers

Core SIG

Die Core SIG wurde entwickelt für kleine bis mittelgrosse Produktionsvolumen oder für den Einsteigerbereich. Da, wo unsere begehrte MiniWaver zu klein ist und die "grossen" Anlagen zu gross kommt die Core SIG zum Zuge. Diese Anlage überzeugt wie all unsere Anlagen mit ihrer kompakten Bauweise. Durch die hochwertig eingesetzten Materialien ist die Anlage robust, verfügt über eine moderne Steuerung und die Lötergebnisse überzeugen mit höchster Qualität. Mit einem Lotinhalt von ca. 80kg und auch sonst niedrigen Verbrauchsdaten unterstützt diese Anlage nicht nur einen zuverlässigen Lötprozess sondern hält ebenso Ihre Produktionskosten tief.
Lotpaste Recycling Korrosion

BALVER ZINN® various

In addition to soldering fluxes and alloys, BALVER ZINN also offer further products and services, which you can obtain through EPM.
Flussmittel Selektiv SEL Löten Flasche Kanister

COBAR® selective soldering fluxes

By using the right flux you can optimize your soldering process with selective soldering, improve the results and save costs. One of the following fluxes is sure to be suited to your production.
Cobar Flussmittel Flasche Kanister

COBAR® wave soldering fluxes

With the right flux, you can optimize your wave soldering process, improve the result and save on costs. One of the following fluxes is sure to be the right one for you. If that's not the case, simply get in touch with us.
Zinn Barren Stangen

BALVER ZINN® solders

Balver Zinn offers various solders as well as high quality anodes made of the most varied alloys and special wires for the electronics and surface finishing industries. Lead-free products for the electronics industry, in particular, belong to the core competencies of the company.

Extended preheating

The standard preheating length for these two systems is 1.5 m. This option allows you to extend the preheating length to 2.25 m. You can define which IR emitters you want to use to extend the length. The extension increases either the total capacity of the system or the throughput speed of a product.
epm Duplex Option

Duplex option

This option can be built for a premium for all installations. In so doing, two soldering baths are included and ready-to-go in one machine. In less than 5 minutes, the soldering baths are displaced and the machine is ready-to-go.

Standalone Fluxer

Available as standard with the CIG High-speed or as an option with the CIG Compact - with this optional addition, you have the possibility of reducing your usage data as well as your maintenance expense.
Wellen-Lötanlage EPM Highspeed Compact

CIG Compact SIG

The CIG compact SIG fully nitrogen soldering unit is suitable for production with an average to raised throughput. This unit offers an outstanding nitrogen atmosphere in the entire processing space and impresses with its small footprint as well as the reduced maintenance expense. Thanks to this solution, even smaller customers do not have to do without a full-tunnel system.
Vitronics Soltec Centurion | Reflow Soldering Machine


The new CENTURION systems generation from Vitronics Soltec embodies, like no other system on the market, a long tradition of top-quality reflow technology, along with a worldwide reputation and the highest reliability. With the newest technology, precise process control, and the best possible temperature transmission during 24/7 operation, they are the benchmark in this segment of the market.



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