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Fluxes by Balver Zinn - Cobar provide good reliability and facilitate the adjustment of your processes.

COBAR® wave soldering fluxes

With the right flux, you can optimize your wave soldering process, improve the result and save on costs. One of the following fluxes is sure to be the right one for you. If that's not the case, simply get in touch with us.

Cobar Flussmittel Flasche Kanister


Alcohol-based fluxes

  • 385-D
  • 390-RX-HT
  • 323-ITM

Water-based fluxes

  • 396-DRX+
  • 396-DRX-M+
  • 396-DRM

Partially water-based fluxes

  • 95-DRX+
  • 95-DRX-M+
  • 95-DRM
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