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With our compact solution, you do not lose the overview of your production process.

CIG high-speed SIG

The CIG high-speed SIG full nitrogen wave soldering system impresses with its high throughput speeds throughout the whole soldering process. Due to the use of nitrogen, the process window is wider, the solder quality is improved and the maintenance costs are reduced. The system is low consumption and supports sustainable (or constant) and reproducible production.

Wellen-Lötanlage EPM Highspeed
Lotfüllung390 — 650kg, abhängig von Ausführung und Legierung
Dimensionen7280 x 935 x 880mm bis zu 8954 x 1035 x 880mm, abhängig von Maschine und Ausführung
Gewichtca. 900kg ohne Lotfüllung
Elektrischer Anschluss230/400 V, 50/60Hz, 3PNE
Druckluft / Verbrauchca. 0.16m3/h, produktionsabhängig
Anschluss für Stickstoff4 bar, konstant


  • Many reference customers in areas including the automotive supply industry, medical technology and consumer electronics
  • Available in many variants
  • Low operation costs
  • Long lifetime
  • Low material usage
  • ROHS compliant