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  • 2018

    New website

    Creation and connection of the new website.

  • 2018

    Relaunch MiniWaver

    The popular table wave soldering facility is being completely overhauled and will, at the same time, get a new control system.

  • 2018

    First soldering machine HD 327 comes out

    Seit dem Frühling 2018 hat epm ihr Produktportfolio für den Schweizer Markt erweitert. Wir vertreiben lokal die Stickstoffgeneratoren von Inmatec.

  • 2018

    Taking over disbribution of Balver Tin of Cobar soldering chemicals.

    Since the fall of 2018, epm has begun distribution of the Balver Tin of Cobar product line on the Swiss market.

  • 2017

    Introduction of new ERP system

    In early 2017, we completely switched over to our new ERP system. With this new system, we have still better control of our processes and can optimally configure our inventory management.l

  • 2016

    Moving into the Bally building in Dottikon

    In spring of this year, we moved our headquarters location to Dottikon. Dottikon is easily reached with public transportation and the freeway exit is just 7 miles away. The beautiful, homeland-protected builiding has been a shoe factory and today provides shelter for various companies under its roof.

  • 2015

    Continued development of the SIG controls

    This year, the well established and exceptionally stable SIG controls were further developed and adapted to customer needs.

  • 2014

    Erhöhung der Fertigungstiefe

    Nach dem Management Buy-Out konnte nun die geplante Fertigungstiefe innerhalb der epm erhöht werden. Ab sofort werden die Steuerung sowie die Kabelmodule inhouse assembliert.

  • 2014

    Cooperation with Vitronics Soltec

    Starting immediately, epm will be distributing the product line of Vitraonics Soltec in Switzerland.

  • 2013

    Moving from Geroldswil to Sins

    Every now and again, one of the new management's goals was to bring the showroom that, up until now, shared space with production, along with the offices and warehouse under one roof. After a long search, that became possible in Sins. The new location was dedicated gladly and successfully.

  • 2011

    Launch of the SIG controls

    Finally, the new controls could be launched and the first facilities were installed in the last quarter.

  • 2010

    Management buy-out - Matthias Köppel and Rebekka Lienhard acquire 100% of the shares.

    As has already been well known for a while in the company and among customers and suppliers, we have gladly purchased shares of stock and taken the sustainable future of epm into our own hands.

  • 2007

    Market introduction of the Selecta High-speed TMS

    In 2007, it became possible to place the first selective soldering facilities in accordance with the "hub-dive" soldering procedure.

  • 2006

    Market introduction of the MiniWaver

    The MiniWaver tabletop soldering facility will be introduced on the market. 

  • 2003

    Market introduction of the TMS series

    This year, we adapted all installations to the same, specific design and thereby launched the "TMS" series.

  • 2002


    During these years, we launched new series over and over, besides bringing the successful "RIG" and "PSM" systems to the marketplace.

  • 2001

    1973 - 2001

    Development and introduction of various wave soldering units such as, for example, the HD 327, Solder-cut-solder inline system, Cutter, CDX, etc.

    Worldwide expansion of the distribution and service network.

  • 1991

    Market introduction of CIG

    Every now and then, the very first full nitrogen soldering units came from epm and were brought to market officially in 1991.

  • 1972

    Founding of the EPM company

    The company was initially founded as Elproma Holding and was responsible for the distribution of wave soldering units worldwide. The headquarters was initially in the city of Zurich. The first systems were, however, already brought to the market in 1969. The change of the company's name into EPM Handels AG occurred in the early 90's.