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Reflow-Convection Soldering Unit


The new CENTURION systems generation from Vitronics Soltec embodies, like no other system on the market, a long tradition of top-quality reflow technology, along with a worldwide reputation and the highest reliability. With the newest technology, precise process control, and the best possible temperature transmission during 24/7 operation, they are the benchmark in this segment of the market.

Vitronics Soltec Centurion | Reflow Soldering Machine
Modell# Anzahl Heizzonen# Anzahl KühlzonenHeizstrecke (cm)Kühlstrecke (cm)Gesamtlänge (cm)


  • Best heat transfer on the market at the lowest zone settings, minimum ΔT and reduced energy use
  • Minimal maintenance expense as a result of patented CATHOX residue management and quick change units
  • Flexible system configurations such as varying process lengths and double-track provide the greatest possible adaptation to your throughput requirements.
  • Sustainable systems concept and perpetually low consumption values
  • Modular construction makes continual adaptation to your needs possible
  • Traceability – Data collection and connection to production computer possible
Contract manufacturing, Automotive parts suppliers